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From The Jump - An Origin Story

You've always had a knack for style and a love for the classics. But you're also a busy, on-the-go person who needs to carry their essentials in comfort. You're tired of awkwardly cramming your phone, keys and wallet into puffed pockets or schlepping overloaded backpacks, so you decided enough was enough. Channeling your passion for fashion and flair for FUNctionality, you conceived a solution: a compact, retro-inspired fanny pack blending vintage style with modern utility. You go through extensive trial & error during R&D to fine tune and ensure your end product provides the best consumer value possible. Finally, you had a stylish, nostalgic bag with smart compartments for organizing your daily gadgets and gear. No more bulging pockets or sore shoulders!

Now you're on a mission to outfit fellow movers and shakers with gear as bold and on-the-go as their lifestyles. Because you know firsthand the freedom of carrying exactly what you need in comfort, hands-free. And you want to share that feeling with the world, one rad bag at a time!

That was us back in 2018! We brought our vision to life, founding Ellipsis LLC in LA and launching the JoeyPac Venture Bag on Kickstarter. The 2L pack instantly resonated, fully funding in 2021. Energized by the success, we've continued expanding JoeyPac's offerings - fanny packs, sweatshirts, hats, and more to come - all brimming with throwback vibes and practical perks.

Our Ideology

At JoeyPac, our ideology is simple. We aim to create a fun brand and a range of products that make you feel great. Whether you're embarking on your next adventure, seeking organized and secure contents, or ensuring easy access to your mobile device, we've got you covered. But most importantly, we want you to feel great about those precious moments, big or small. Take your JoeyPac with you as you watch the whole sunset, savor the last song, take the scenic route back, and indulge in stargazing a little bit longer. So go ahead, explore the world around you, and let JoeyPac enhance your experiences. Thank you for joining us on this exciting journey!

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