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Retro Revival: Are Fanny Packs Back In Style?

Fanny Packs: Back in Style and Better Than Ever

I know what you're thinking, "Didn't fanny packs go out of style in the '90's when Orange Julius's closed down and the only people still with pagers were my shady friends?!" The short answer is yes(ish), but the need for such a bag has always been there. And just like your friends with the pagers, they've also been going by other names like, "sling bag", "crossbody bag", and if you're in the UK or AUS, "bum bag." They're all the same though, they're fanny packs, and they're back! It hasn't been until recently that fanny packs have really made a comeback though, and I think the surgence of music festivals and increased travel has created the need for a practical bag to better accommodate all these nomads living their best lives. Whether you're catching the headliner in the Safari tent, moo'ing through TSA at LAX, or walking your local farmer's market, having a FUNctional all-in-one bag makes life a lot more enjoyable.

Why Did Fanny Packs Fall Out of Fashion?

Yeah, Joey Gladstone, why'd they cut out Fanny Packs?!

Okay so, based on the extensive research I've done on this very phenomena (I haven't), they got an unfortunate stigma of being "lame" somehow... They were viewed as being too commercial and everyone grew sick of the finger pointing for wearing one, so they ditched their trusty accessory and went on to uncomfortably stuff their pockets, unnecessarily wear purses, and bring a big backpack for only a few items, which still leaves enough room for a frickin sleeping bag in there. SMH.

Will fanny packs go out of style again?

The truth is, they're too versatile, and a far too effective necessity to go away again. Personally, I don't think there was enough variety in styles and brands before that were making them unique enough to the consumer, and that's why they fell by the wayside (*whomp*whomp*)... But that's changed now, and there are a lot of different options for y'all to choose from. Go nuts!

Should I get a fanny pack? 

Yes, I should, and I did. Do? Got? Whatever.

But seriously you should totally get one too! Aren't you tired of checking your pockets for 'wallet, phone, keys, miscellaneous' everytime you wanna go somewhere? I was. I'd also empty out my pockets every time I sat down somewhere, didn't matter where, adding to the ridiculousness of the whole scenario.

And if you rock a purse, taking them things on bike rides, hikes, raves, etc where you need a stronger, more secure bag doesn't help you embrace the experience any more, that's for sure. It might be second nature to cling tightly to your purse in those instances, but imagine not having to worry about that anymore. I had a lame freeway analogy here that I just deleted cause I feel like that's so LA of me to just be thinking THAT much about traffic. So, instead I'll show you this gif of one of JoeyPac's cool features, the fidlock magnetic buckle...

Unlock Your Style: Embrace the Fanny Pack Revival with a JoeyPac Venture Bag

JoeyPac's reimagined fanny pack is called the 2L Venture Bag. We designed them for today's essentials and leaned into the retro aesthetic we all love. Each colorway has a different shell along with its own vibrant liner design, and all of the same dreamy features like: rear cell phone pocket, stash pocket, mesh pocket, molle webbing, etc! Our bags give you those feelings of nostalgia when you throw 'em on… we just gave them a serious upgrade. See for yourself!

So, free up your pockets and ditch your wallet/purse! Cause the perfect unisex fanny pack for travel, festivals, hiking, + more, including everyday use is here! Wear it any way you like and enjoy the FUNctionality of its features by keeping all your things organized inside one rad bag.


Thanks for reading.

Gotta bounce,

J.O. Fusco

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Best in the biz. Loving my second one. Still have my first. Love them both. Everyone WILL have a joeypac!! 👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽


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