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The Fanny Pack Design Hack You Didn't Know You Needed: Streamline Charger and Cable Management for Ultimate Convenience

Whoever Invented The Fanny Pack Is A Frickin Genius

Put your hand down, Matthews, it wasn't you...

A cross between a belt and a bag, it's the perfect way to carry your essentials without having to lug around a heavy purse or obnoxiously fill your pockets. But what if you could take fanny packs one step further? What if they weren't just functional, but FUNctional?!

The Birth of a Brand: Reviving Retro Style with Innovative Fanny Pack Solutions

Years ago, I was at Coachella, and saw this girl standing by the device charging station waiting her turn to get enough juice to fill up her phone and your feed with all the festival content we can’t stop consuming, and she was wearing a very small backpack with a super cheap looking fanny pack around her waist, which she was only using to hold her phone and a couple super small items. Now, I will add that the fanny pack had a graphic of a cat in outer space and it was pretty dang suhweet, but had zero intriguing design elements to its overall functionality to warrant such a purchase from me... So, I thought, “Why isn’t there a fanny pack made specifically for today’s essentials to help with this situation?!” I’ve never had any luck getting service at music festivals (shout out to AT&T), so I wasn’t too concerned about myself at the time cause I just threw my phone in my backpack along with my shoes and shirt and ran barefoot into the sea of smiling people covered in temporary tattoos and vintage clothing to share our love for live music. However, I never forgot about that girl.

A Stylish Fanny Pack that Elevates Convenience: Seamlessly Charge Your Device

Well, fast-forward to after a few mishaps with the barefoot experiment (I wear shoes now. Stop judging me.), and the annoyance of schlepping around a bulky backpack for a few things all day had peaked, so I decided to do something about my fanny pack idea because it was affecting me now too haha. I’m not saying I’m a genius (you did), but when we created our 2L Venture Bag I insisted on including a design element that makes charging your device so much more convenient than waiting your turn at a kiosk that’s remarkably located right by a mess of porta-potties. Gwoss.

The 3 simple elements are:

  1. Interior mesh pocket to hold your power bank.
  2. Designated rear cell phone sleeve.
  3. Pass-thru grommet to feed charging cable connecting phone to power bank.

When you utilize the bag like this, it makes accessing your phone extremely convenient and gets a charge at the same time. We took that and the other features into careful consideration when developing our 2L Venture Bag, and continue to while we develop our other products set to come out this year. We're really excited about what we'll be sharing with y'all in the coming months. Stay tuned and be sure to signup for our newsletter and/or follow socials.

Experience the JoeyPac: Discover the Fanny Pack Trend for Yourself!

I’ve included a tutorial for you to see how you can enhance your nomadic lifestyle choices by keeping your essentials inside the perfect bag for the job, and charging your precious device all the while. No more missing the headliner cause you had to wait your turn at some sh!tty charging station. Pun intended.

Thanks for reading.

Gotta bounce,

J.O. Fusco

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