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How To Wear A Fanny Pack in 2023

It's no secret that fanny packs are back in style. You might have seen people wearing them at music festivals, while you're out hiking, or on vacation. Here are some cool tips for wearing fanny packs in 2023.

Fanny Packs for Music Festivals

When you're at a music festival or a concert, the last thing you want is to lug a giant bag around. Although you might see backpacks, the best way to go is a fanny pack; a fanny pack is practical, convenient, and fits the vibe.

You can carry the essentials such as car keys, water bottles, your wallet, etc. All of our JoeyPac 2L Fanny Packs look great at any outdoor gathering. However, making it pop with your festival outfit is the key.

How to wear a fanny pack at a festival

A fanny pack is an essential festival accessory, and you will want to match it with what you have on. If you're going with bright and vibrant colors, we suggest our 'After Midnight' design; it helps balance out the colors of your outfit without drawing much attention to the fanny pack.

On the contrary, if you're going with subtle, dark colors, the 'Kelly Kapouchski' will give you the splash of color contrast you're looking for. The colors are playful and retro, which come together nicely throughout the design. Although the '80s and '90s threw a mixture of colors together, you can get away with wearing any fanny pack if you have an outfit that fits the era.

Hikers Fanny Packs

Another practical use for a fanny pack is for going on hikes. The same reason you'll want to carry a fanny pack at a concert or festival is the same reason you'll want one while hiking.

You don't want to worry about dropping your keys, stuffing hand sanitizer in your pocket, or carrying your cell phone. We put the Fun in FUNcional Fanny Packs, and it's no fun having to retrace your steps for lost items. The biggest question you might have is how to wear one.

How to wear a Fanny Pack while Hiking

You will first have to consider the terrain you'll be hiking in. For dustier, dirt-filled hikes, a good design is the 'IncogNeato' fanny pack. The colors we use were inspired by different types of camo accompanied by an orange accent color.

In addition to the cool color designs, our fanny packs can be worn around the waist or cross-body. Having these options is convenient because, unlike a backpack, you can switch up if a part of your body gets tired. The fact that you have choices on how to wear a fanny pack is a win.

Are Fanny Packs better than Backpacks on hikes?

The question of which is better, a fanny or a backpack, comes down to the type of hike you're doing. You might need both if you're on a long hike and bringing along first aid kits, meals, and other necessities.

You'll want to pack essential items such as a knife, a lighter, and water in your fanny pack. It can be annoying having to stop, unzip your backpack, and look for a small item with everything else you packed. So, having both on hand is beneficial. And just like a backpack has different options for organization, so too do our fanny packs.

Fanny Packs Are Good For Travel

You always see tourists wearing fanny packs at theme parks or national monuments because they come in clutch. The struggle of looking through your pockets for passports, cash, and other travel necessities is eliminated.

Let's face it; you stand out like a sore thumb when traveling in a foreign country. The fact that some locals know you're carrying cash around makes you an easy target. It's more difficult to unzip a fanny pack than to reach into your pockets while distracted.

Styling Your Travel Fanny Pack

When you're traveling, dressing comfortably is the key. You're sitting for long periods, walking around a lot, and maybe getting lost. Some nice Dad shoes with your fanny pack go great together. Also, a dope Dad hat to go with the look.

Dad swag is in, and in 2023 we're seeing that dressing comfortably will be the vibe. So, when traveling and being a tourist, grab some comfortable cargo shorts and some New Balances, and embrace the feel!

Wearing Fanny Packs in 2023

Whenever there's a relaxed outdoor event, you better believe there will be a fanny pack in the audience. They free up your pockets and can be the perfect accessory for your outfit. Whether going for a retro look or wanting to be practical, we have the perfect fanny packs for you!

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